About the founder

and Brothers Global

Hello my friend and thank you for being here.

Brothers Global is an initiative designed to effect change in the world and in men that I see is much required. To this day I am fortunate to be someone that others confide in. I feel compelled to offer a hand to those in need and have enjoyed seeing people opening themselves to new ways of thinking and dealing with the complexities of life.

As a result, I often witness men appearing to be content but inside it’s a different story.

Why is this happening?

One reason for this chaos is that generally, Western culture is not satisfying our core human needs. Disconnected from nature, a sense of community and usually from any faith and spiritual beliefs, we drift on the physical plane attached only to the pursuit of financial abundance and destructive 'feel good' sensations. Whether you are kick-ass rich or not, the same rules apply. People require more to be content than having healthy bank accounts, well-performing investments or a VIP party life. Much more..

I have been all of these at one stage in my life, a Company Director and partying entrepreneur after giving my body a break from 13 years self-employed in hard labour. I have learned that any lifestyle will tarnish without a meaningful relationship with something more powerful than wealth.

We need - purpose / belonging / connection / inspiration

Over the years, my travels, interests and life experiences (good and bad) have broadened my understanding of our western way of life, particularly, in comparison to the East's. This has changed my own direction and ideals for the better, inspiring me to participate in promoting a shift in consciousness that I know the world is ready for.

Born in Australia to a loving family, I raced to spread my wings around a good portion of the globe. My year in India impacted me indescribably as did my many months in Thailand. I continue to absorb the intricacies of language and culture where I now reside with my wife and children in Bali.

I have a clear vision in mind. Without officially adopting any faith of my own, I have researched, practiced and compiled useful benefits hidden within various spiritually and socially connected societies.

The Brothers Global retreats use a variety of powerful means to inspire men to recreate a stronger, calmer and controlled version of themselves, while having a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

As privileged as we are in the West, there is something evidently missing that is affecting social cohesion and general well being on a massive scale; as individuals and communities.

By joining the Brothers Global tribe, you and I together will make a profound move to enhance your life.

I endeavour to create a connected brotherhood of fathers, sons and brothers from all over the globe that remain a united, supportive network for years to come.

See you soon mate.

Dean - Brothers Global