“A genuine concern for helping people and the natural ability for making positive and meaningful connections with others make Dean a conduit for real personal development. In short, Dean’s a badass who is ready to shine his light for those who simply want better for themselves”
— - Kris
Dean to me has always been a stand out, down to earth bloke. This guys has work ethic, innovation, and life experience in spades. He has a massive heart and is someone who always gives his all for his family. Due to these qualities, this guy achieves anything he sets out to accomplish. I’d highly recommend some time with Dean whether it be talking about business, family or the esoteric.
— Steve / age 32
I met Dean in Thailand where I had gone on an adventure myself, kind of looking for the type of retreat that Dean has now developed in Bali. I went there looking for some sort of answers and when I look back on my experience, Dean was the main thing that impacted my life and has continued to do so in many different ways ever since.
Dean clicked with me straight away and I opened up to him a lot about my life and things I have been through from such a young age and he didn’t judge me. Before Thailand, I didn’t realize that I was living a life of struggle and addiction, fighting a battle in my own mind every single day, a battle I didn’t even know was happening. But today I stand strong and say proudly that it’s a battle I am going to win.
We carried on meeting up with Dean and his family and I can’t begin to explain how much that opened my eyes in many different ways.
I suppose what I’m trying to say Dean is thank you... I’m never going to be able to put into words just how much you have done for me or even what it is you did for me but I can feel it in my heart and my mind.
I don’t believe when I met you that it was a coincidence. I now know I’m made for better things and I cannot wait to share my story with you.
You have taken inspiring someone to a whole new level and no matter what I write I don’t think you’ll ever understand, but I’d go as far as saying you’re one of the people who saved my life. Thankyou! 

— Ethan 24
I have known Dean for 7 years, his personality shone through when I was going through a particularly rough patch. I have travelled a lot internationally with work, and you will not find a more kind souled big hearted giant if you try. Should it happen that you find yourself next to Dean, be assured your words will not be wasted - Jacob / age 34
— Jacob / age 34